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Morris Lubricants in the US Motorcars Ltd. is pleased to announce another great product available to our customers, the complete line of Morris Lubricants. With a proud heritage dating back to 1869, Morris is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of high quality lubricants in Europe refining oils, greases and fluids for combustion engine powered vehicles and equipment and we are fortunate to be the distributors of their quality products here in the US.

For owners of vintage British autos and motorcycles, we have exactly what your machines were meant to run on. The Golden Film Motor oils in straight and multi weight, are preferred by classic English car owners,Museums and shops that cater to those cars, we have also been swamped by with requests for the first pressing Castor Racing Oils for the old British Motorcycles, a market we did not consider when we took the distributor duties. We even ordered special Morris brand Automatic transmission fluid for an English Double Decker Bus out in West Texas, I think he was planning to drive it to the relocated London Bridge in Arizona. Another popular request is for the Morris Running In Oil for shops rebuilding old British motorcycle engines and they swear that this was the best product for the breaking in period.

Heritage & Steam Oils and Lubricants

A range of bespoke products developed using expertise acquired from a long association with steam and heritage workshops. Contemporary products have been introduced to meet the needs of present day operating conditions.
Motorcycle Oils and Lubricants

Not only have our comprehensive range of performance motorcycle lubricants been specially formulated for the exacting demands of motorcycles and scooters, but theyve been tested under extreme competition use and further evolved in consultation with riders.

A global reputation for the highest quality products

Over the past 145 years, Morris Lubricants has developed a global reputation for delivering the highest quality products and services across a range of sectors in over 80 countries worldwide.

You cannot buy Morris Lubricants just anywhere, and there are a handful of distributors in the USA. Motorcars Ltd located in Houston, Texas is one of them. It is what our own Classic British repair shop uses to keep our customers on the road.

You can check out the Morris website and multitude of exceptional products they offer Morris Products Selector. Or go to our site Morris Lubricants on Motorcars! to see what we have in stock for immediate shipment. If you find a Morris product not in our inventory, give us a call at 1-800-338-5238 and we will get it for you.

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