Easy Change Transmission Filter Solution!

Black Dog Manufacturing, a division of Motorcars Ltd, offers a Transmission Pan Conversion Kit for the Land Rover LR3, LR4, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport to easily change the transmission filter to easily change the transmission filter. The installation of this kit is far easier than the factory solution and includes a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty.

The nightmare of changing the transmission fluid and filter on your Land Rover is now a thing of the past. The factory plastic pan, with built in filter, requires much labor to replace, including uninstalling the transmission mounts and exhaust just to remove the pan and filter assembly.

Our Transmission Pan Conversion Kit includes a steel pan and separate filter. Once the fluid has been drained from the transmission, simply remove the bolts from the old unit. Cut the old plastic sumps filter tube with a hacksaw. Slide the old sump out and remove the other end of the sawn off filter tube (no removal of mounts or exhaust required).

The new separate filter can then be fitted and the new steel transmission pan slides into place and is bolted up with the new gasket and bolts provided in the kit. Once secure, the transmission can be filled as per manufacturer's instructions.

Product Description

This kit includes: Steel transmission pan, pan gasket, transmission filter and all the mounting bolts. Fluid is available pt# ATF.CLEAR.L but not included with this kit. 

Part# and Application

LR007474.CON - Click Here!

Transmission Pan Conversion Kit

  • Converts the transmission pan from plastic to durable steel
  • The fitting of this kit is far easier than the factory unit
  • Kit includes a replacable filter

We believe you should have a more easier to install option than the factory solution. If you would like to ask a question, click here and one of our Parts Experts will assist you.



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