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Product Summary

Do you want to install a used BECM into your Range Rover P38 ?

In order to do so, the BECM must be unlocked. Black Dog Manufacturing and Motorcars LTD can provide this service for you.

Product Description

The BECM is the Range Rover's Body Electronic Module. It is the main processor and controls almost every function the car. In order to install a used BECM in your P38 Range Rover, the replacement unit must be unlocked and cleared of information so that it may be reprogrammed to match your vehicle.

Send us your locked BECM unit and in many cases we can have it sent back to you the same day.

Call your sales representative before you remove your original BECM so that he can tell you what information we will need.

This is not a plug and play. You will need a diagnostic scanner capable of reprogramming.

Once reprogrammed, the unit will function properly.

Features & Benefits

  • Same day turnaround on most units
  • Each unit is sent back to you with a print out of the set values
  • Ask About Quantity Discounts


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