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Land Rover 4.0L-4.6L Engine Failure and our Solution

Everyone knows the Land Rover 4.0L-4.6L engine is rife with engineering deficiencies, design flaws, and assembly issues. The problems arose out of a sense of expediency, targeting the lowest achievable bar and weight savings. For example, not stepping the sleeves in the engine block to save a little money in the manufacturing process, and using assembly-expedient-torque-to-yield head bolts, which apparently stretch at random.

What effect did the engineering deficiencies have on the motor? Piston liners slipped, cylinder heads warped, head gaskets blew out, and freshly installed torque-to-yield head bolts often came loose. From experience gained in our own repair shops, Motorcars LTD has the solution Land Rover 4.0L-4.6L owners have been waiting for.

  • We machine a “step” in the top of the block
  • An O-ring is installed on the bottom to prevent leakage
  • We install "Tophat" cylinder sleeves, machined to perfectly match the “step”
  • We use cylinder head studs in place of torque-to-yield bolts for superior clamping strength

The result is an engine with cylinder sleeves that are stepped and sealed in the bottom with an o ring to prevent leakage in both directions. These sleeves will not slip because the heads are clamped down using non - stretch studs and bolts with 80 ft pounds of predicable clamp, giving you a dependable, solid-performing engine that will prolong the life of the Land Rover 4.0L-4.6L Engine.

Let Motorcars Ltd help solve your 4.0L-4.6L engine failure with one of our Short or Long Blocks call our parts Hotline at 1-800-338-5238 for price and availability today!